Friday, 2 December 2011

The World's First Androidland

Today marks a big day for my team at Retail Engine...we made history by launching the world's very first Androidland in Melbourne, Australia.

This project really showcases what can be achieved when you are truly passionate about what you do and are allowed to let your creativity run wild.

I'm still buzzing from the day's events...sure I was tired, stressed and very anxious for most of it, but as I sit back and look at the environment we have created and see the smiling faces...I feel very proud.

From an interior design point of view this project was complex because it was never just about the design. It was about creating something which was new and exciting, something which enticed customers to interact within the space and showcased a number of brands, products and messages in an integrated and innovative way.

Technology played a big part in the design, with projected touchscreen zones where you can play Angry Birds or browse Google books, scent machines using freshly cut grass and gingerbread scents, video walls controlled by a 3D mouse to zoom through Google Earth and an augmented reality window display.

Its not everyday you get to create a spaceship inside a store or specify custom clown machines and skill testers and design collectible pins but perhaps that's why this has been such a great project. 

Our clients Telstra and Google are the real stars here because without them we wouldn't have had the chance to create what I feel is our best brand experience work yet.

If you are in Melbourne please head down to the Telstra Icon store in Bourke Street and experience this `Androidified' environment for yourselves...and please tell your friends.

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